Tools for Increasing Page Speed

Page speed is always been a crucial part of SEO, there is a fact that a fast-loading website is a profitable website. Most people are conscious of the design and overlook of the website but they completely miss out on this page speed feature as it will cause a huge impact on conversion rates.

Page speed optimization is a bit of a daunting task yet there are very useful web page optimization tools that will help in improving the speed. If a site loads faster, it not only helps users convert but can also have a huge influence on your search rankings as well.

Here is the list of the most important tools which we recommend for improving your website’s page speed.


Pingdom is one of the great tools for quick and simple measurement of your website’s speed. It clearly shows where your site has fallen and where it can improve. The overall performance of the site will be shown along with clock load time, page size, and a ranked comparison against tested websites.

It shows what element of your site takes time to load, and if known you can remove it and increase the load speed. For instance, if 50% of the load time is spent loading images then you can optimize the images to help them load faster and reduce page load speed.


GTmetrix is the tool that gives a balance between Google PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom. Actually, it runs the test on an international server which gives you a more detailed analysis of your website. If your site gets a 90%+ average, it comes under grade A. By clicking each element you can get additional recommendations as to what should be improved.

Google Analytics – Site Speed Page Timings

Google Analytics is another amazing tool for measuring your page load times. It will show you the list of pages that are loading slower, thus helping you track the progress of the site. This information will help to improve your page speeds.

Google PageSpeed Insights

The major goal of an SEO strategy is to reach better rankings on Google search, right? Then it’s essential to know about the site’s performance. Google page speed Insights is a powerful tool to analyze all the pages on your website and improve wherever required.  It gives a score, or a number, based on your results. An ideal score is 90 or above. It shows at which point your site is lagging and helps to improve the page speed.

To Optimize the images and improve the speed, try these steps,

  • Resize the image in photoshop or paint or Microsoft picture manager
  • Pixlr
  • Web Resizer
  • Shrink pictures
  • Pic Resize Image Compression Tools
  • Lazy Load Images

Technical Optimization Tools

  • W3 -Total Cache
  • Cloudflare CDN 

Wrap Up

Page speed is the most important aspect of improving site performance. Use the above tools and increase your rankings on Google.

Tools for Increasing Page Speed
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